A novel scheme for ultrafast Quantum Random Number Generators exploiting from the quadratures of an electromagnetic field without any assumption on the input state. The method allows to eliminate the numbers that can be predict due the presence of classical and quantum side information. The work is based on a procedure to estimate a bound on the conditional min-entropy based on the Entropic Uncertainty Principle for position and momentum observables of infinite dimensional quantum systems. A manuscript with both theory and experiment showing the generation of secure true random bits at a rate greater than 1 Gbit/s was posted in Sep. 2015 in the ArXiv with number[arXiv:1509.07390] and title Source-device-independent Ultra-fast Quantum Random Number Generation by Davide G. Marangon, Giuseppe Vallone, and Paolo Villoresi.

In June 2014 we posted on the ArXiv the results on the first realization of quantum communication from satellite [arXiv:1406.4051].

New Scientist reacted rapidly with First quantum transmission sent through space as well as the MIT Technology Review, with the article The Space-Based Quantum Cryptography Race

The manuscript was published in Physical Review Letters with title Experimental Satellite Quantum Communications,, by Giuseppe Vallone, Davide Bacco, Daniele Dequal, Simone Gaiarin, Vincenza Luceri, Giuseppe Bianco, and Paolo Villoresi, Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 040502 – Published 20 July 2015 To the article was attributed the status of Editors Suggestion and there was a Viewpoint description by Dr. Eleni Diamanti Sending Quantum Messages Through Space.

A press conference was held at the Italian Space Agency - ASI headquartier in Rome, on June 24, 2015, described in the ASI Website with a page with title Italy sends first ever quantum transmission sent by satellite. The Italian page for this event also includes extensive interviews and video.