One DC/PhD vacancy is available within the QSI project (Horizon Europe MSCA DN)

QSI aims at training a world-class cohort of doctoral researchers (DRs) capable of taking the next essential steps in the highly demanding area of cybersecurity. We aim to build strong lasting links between strategically selected industry and academic partners, in different disciplines, via the development of novel technologies for practical applications in data security. In parallel, we will also combine, via a collaborative long-term interdisciplinary approach, expertise in all relevant communities to address key fundamental problems in secure communications in the quantum era, and the important applications therein.

The project consortium embraces excellent European Institutions.

A single position for a doctoral candidate (DC) is open in Padova to join the QSI project. The Host Institution for this specific position is the Department of Information Engineering - University of Padova (Italy) ( The project offers excellent research and training programme and the opportunity to take part to a frontier research infrastructure, very active also in the application of quantum communications, with a dedicated spinoff.

The research topic of the position is the following:

Project DC #8: Intermodal Quantum Communications in Free-Space and Fibre

Objectives: Experimental study and modelling of intermodal quantum communications, aiming at bridging free-space and fibre links.

Expected Results: Efficient free-space to fibre quantum interfaces, qubit preparation, measurement, synchronization, and QBER mitigation. The channel multiplexing and the matching of QKD with fibre network standards for high speed communications will be implemented.

Information here.

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