Cariolaro Gianfranco

Cariolaro Gianfranco
Cariolaro Gianfranco
Full Professor
RU4 - Laurenti
Ingegneria dell'Informazione (DEI)
Quantum Communications
Gianfranco CARIOLARO was born in 1936 and graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of Padova (Italy) in 1960. He received the Libera Docenza in Electrical Communications in 1968 and was appointed full professor in 1975. Presently he is professor of Electrical Communications at the University of Padova where he teaches Signal and Systems Theory and Optical Communications for the degree course on Telecommunication Engineering. His research interest spans many fields, namely signal theory, theory of random processes, coding theory, numerical transmission, optical communications, mobile communications, deep space communications, digital television (both interactive and multimedial), multicarrier modulation systems (OFDM) and the digital cinema, multicarrier modulation systems (OFDM). In the seventies he wrote a book on signal theory following the traditional approach, and at the beginning of the eighties he formulated the 'Unified Signal Theory' (Torino, Italy: UTET, 1980) which is his most prestigious work. With prof. G. Mian and G. Cortelazzo, he founded the Image Processing Lab that was subsequently included in the DSP-Select University Program by Texas Instrument. In collaboration with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory he has followed the solar system missions of Voyager, Galileo e Cassini. At present, in collaboration with Eutelsat (the European agency that controls geostationary satellites for telecommunications) he is organizing a Teleport (at the Department of Information Engineering in Padova) that is running as a satellite monitoring center for the Eutelsat fleet, and is currently used as an uplink for distance learning projects, fast Internet and other services.
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