Topics and Aims

The program will be focused on general introduction and applications of quantum communications and quantum information. The school is mainly intended for PhD students, but post-doc are also welcome.


The main topics of the school are the following:

  • Quantum information and cryptography with discrete and continuous variable
  • Quantum optical beam in free-space turbulent channels
  • Sources and detectors for quantum information
  • Integrated optical circuits for quantum information
  • Orbital angular momentum in quantum information
  • Atoms-chip for quantum simulation and quantum memories

The program will also allow participants to network and to socialize.


With this school we foster the strengthening of links among the Italian quantum information community that have been envisaged and promoted by the series of the IQIS conferences (the last was held in Padova in September 2012 and the next one will be held in Como in September 2013).

Scientific committee

Marco Genovese (INRIM-Torino), Vittorio Giovannetti (SNS-Pisa), Paolo Mataloni (Univ. Roma), Matteo Paris (Univ. Milano), Paolo Villoresi (Univ. Padova).




We acknowledge the support and the collaboration by the Department of Physics and Astronomy "Galileo Galilei" of the University of Padova and the Astrophysical Observatory of Asiago.

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