QuantumFuture group



PhD Students


NameTopicAimed degree
Andrea PeriQuantum randomness on laser written glass integrated circuitMaster’s degree in Physics of data
Alessandro RezziSecure randomness from sequential quantum measurementsMaster’s degree in Physics
Andrea BizzottoFPGA-based calibration scheme for time-to-digital converterBachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering
NameTopicAchieved degreeGraduation year
Sophia MontiniAnalysis and FPGA-design of the Zhou-Bruck streaming algorithm for Quantum Random Number GenerationBachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering2024
Gabriele OrlandiDevelopment and characterization of an FPGA-based delay-line for a Quantum Key Distribution systemBachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering2023
Andrea PompermaierDevelopment of an entangled photon source at 1550nmMaster’s degree in Physics2023
Giosuè Sardo InfirriOptimization of an entangled photon source via the analysis of the fiber couplingBachelor’s degree in Physics2022
Andrea PeriTest of components of a state generator for Quantum Key DistributionBachelor’s degree in Physics2021
Alberto De ToniQKD transmitter for satellite communicationsMaster’s degree in ICT for internet and multimedia2021
Giulio FolettoDirect Reconstruction of the Quantum Density Operator via Measurements of Arbitrary StrengthMaster’s degree in Physics2017
Giulio FolettoRandom number generation via electromagnetic vacuum fluctuationsBachelor’s degree in Physics2015

Past members

Federico BerraPhD student
Davide ScalconPhD student
Francesco Bruno Leonardo SantagiustinaPhD student
Francesco PicciarielloPhD student
Giulio FolettoPost-doc
Alessia ScriminichPhD student
Mujtaba ZahidyPhD student
Hamid TebyanianPhD student
Alberto SantamatoPost-doc
Matteo SchiavonPost-doc
Marco TomasinPhD student
Nicola Dalla PozzaPost-doc
Simone GaiarinNon-University researcher
Luca MazzarellaPhD student
Davide BaccoPhD student
Anna SponselliPost-doc
Alberto Dall’ArchePost-doc
Francesca GerlinPhD student
Andrea TomaelloPhD student