Quantum Random Number Generators

Random numbers are used continuously in countless applications: all cryptographic protocols need random numbers to encrypt digital and analogical communications.

Random numbers are used for simulations to understand how complex systems work: from cellular reproductive mechanisms, to the interactions of sub-nuclear particles, passing by financial trends.

Finally, random numbers are used at the rate of tens of terabytes per day to produce the randomness required for gambling games.

However all these numbers are currently generated by implementing mathematical algorithms, the so called “deterministic” or “pseudo” randomness. Fake randomness implies limited security: communications are at risk. Fake randomness implies that simulations produce incorrect results. Fake randomness implies incorrect odds of winning and losing in bet games.

True randomness is found only at microscopic level, where Nature obeys to the laws of Quantum Mechanics.

Our goal is to exploit our knowledge of these systems to manufacture a Quantum Random Number Generator which can produce truly random, secure and reliable bits.