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Our research

QuantumFuture is an intrinsically multidisciplinary group, covering different, but strongly correlated and complementary research fields.

  • Quantum Key Distribution

    Quantum Key Distribution

    Quantum key distribution (QKD) represents an innovative protocol for key distribution: a QKD system is a telecommunication system that can create a perfectly secure symmetric key at the transmitter and at the receiver.

  • Quantum Random Number Generators

    Quantum Random Number Generators

    Random numbers are used continuously in countless applications: all cryptographic protocols need random numbers to encrypt digital and analogical communications. Random numbers are used for simulations to understand how complex systems work: from cellular reproductive mechanisms, to the interactions of sub-nuclear particles, passing by financial trends.

  • Space Quantum Communications

    Space Quantum Communications

    When the free space channel is used either for conventional or quantum communications, the propagation of the beam through the atmosphere can cause degradation of the wavefront and hence decrease the performance of the system. In this perspective the use of deformable optical component is the most promising way in order to overcome these limitation. This field, known as Adaptive Optics and born for astronomical applications, would be one of the key point when dealing with single photons applications that exploit the free space channel both for ground and space link.

  • Device Independent Protocols

    Device Independent Protocols

    A given quantum information protocol can be realized through various technical implementations. In many cases, the aim is to create devices that ensure the absence of eavesdropping or information leakage compared to their classical counterparts. Within a ‘device-independent’ framework, users can trust the results of their devices without the need to disassemble them or make assumptions about their internal workings. This framework can, in principle, be achieved using the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics. The theoretical groundwork for such a realization constitutes one of our areas of research.

  • FPGA for Quantum

    FPGA for Quantum

    FPGAs, or Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, are integral to quantum communications and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). They offer high-speed, real-time processing, flexibility, security, and integration, crucial for QKD systems. The QuantumFuture group uses FPGAs to develop efficient, secure quantum communication systems.

  • Non-locality Tests

    Non-locality Tests

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