Quantum Key Distribution

Quantum key distribution (QKD) represents an innovative protocol for key distribution: a QKD system is a telecommunication system that can create a perfectly secure symmetric key at the transmitter and at the receiver.

The key can then be used for transmission using the known secure classical one time pad algorithm. QKD has been demonstrated to be unconditionally secure under any attack of any hypothetical eavesdropper, provided that one employs ideal quantum devices. Many prototypes of QKD have been proposed for communication along optical fiber, while the potential of free space QKD represents the frontier of present research, and this is the field where we have already contributed significant, worldwide recognized progress.


  • Investigate efficient algorithms for information reconciliation and privacy amplification
  • Integrate QKD in widely deployed security protocols
  • Enhance security of the QKD protocol, either B92 or other variants.
  • Practical implementation and Demo